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a dejur versatile professional--great machine-it has front tilt. It will fit omega 4x5 carriers. don't toss this--it takes nice regular 4x4 lensboards like a beseller or calumet camera. Too bad no condenser head but you can maybe adapt an omega head to it. hang on to it and see what you can do. the bellows can be cleaned up or, since they unscrew with nice metal frames, can be easily replaced.
My most used enlarger for the past 15 years has been a 4x5 DeJur Versatile Professional that came with a condenser head. I later acquired a florescent head for it, but use the condenser head. With an improvised 3.5 inch spacer between the negative carrier and the condenser, and a lens board recessed 1.75 inches, it also works fine for 35mm. The 135mm DeJur lens, apparently a Tessar formula, performs well. The DeJur does lack a filter drawer.