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I personally can't stand glossy paper, inkjet or wetprint. If i have to move my head to see part of the photo because there's light reflecting off it, totally ruins the enjoyment of the shot.
(I've just started inkjet printing, my packs of sample paper just arrived today. I'm really liking the look of the German Etching paper, the more matte and fibrous the better...)

Come to think of it, that goes for computer monitors too. It took me ages to find a laptop with a matte screen, they're all glossy and hard to see in anything but a darkened room.
The OP is asking about paper negative, for which I use glossy.

But I like FB glossy for all my standard display printing. It doesn't have the high sheen of RC gloss (at least if not ferrotyped and not many or any people do that anymore) that you object to. Air dried FB glossy, what used to be called "glossy dried matt" meaning not ferrotyped, is very different from RC glossy.

For RC prints, if I still made them for display, I like pearl a lot as it seems to come closest to FB glossy. But I make display prints on FB.