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7 years ago when I got this film it did have an orange base and printed well, but in the move to SD it was boxed and recently re-discovered. The garage can get very warm out here and 110 deg is not uncommon. I'm sure I killed the film, but I just hate to throw almost 400' of it away. If I can use it as B&W or Lomo Color, I consider it salvageable. Perhaps in Germany, ECN is cheap, but I have not seen 35mm anything at 7 cents a foot or less in a very long time.
I use old ECN2 film for B&W reversal. Will post my results in the technical gallery over the weekend. But I have to admit my film while stored in a shed it does not see north of 102degF. But has seen 4 warm summers and is still good.

It also develops as a good negative image when developed in Caffenol.

Don't throw it away!