Thanks Dale.

Should you or anyone else want to shoot from this vantage point, I was at the bridge end, the outside of the river curve, toward Hooples, a tavern at 1930 Columbus Rd. , corner of Columbus and Franklin, in the Flats. Columbus Rd. runs across the bridge and its east end is at a Sunoco station near the Flat Iron Tavern where five of us met for lunch last event.

Use the marine app mentioned earlier to figure out when the ship or ships are coming. It only shows the ship’s path to that minute. You have to guess where it is going, and when, mostly by its cargo and other traffic in the river. Because of Collision Bend the captains know not to try and pass two moving ships in opposite direction. Another approach is to ask the bridge operator. Before I found the app, Peter and I asked different bridge operators when a ship was coming. They knew because they had to raise or turn the bridge. Most of the time they don’t have anything to do. The ones we have talked to were very helpful. I am sure there is always one grump.