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While not in a posotion to refute your outcome from independent testing, I laud your 'well, let's try it and calibrate the effort' thinking.

I almost don't like web resources like the massive development chart. I think it takes the considered review and reconsideration of the next round of trial and error out of the pickure.
I prefer to experiment and converge on the best solution for me. I might start with a commercially recommened optin as a starting point, but I always wander away to see what the sesnitivitires of the process are.

My only exposure to sulfamic acid to date was to see it in commercial tray claners I have used.
Thanks Mike. I hope people will give it a go and we can enrich this topic, even improve the procedure.

After learning more about sulfamic acid, I also used it to clean my darkroom trays. It is very effective at removing crude and dried chemical remains.
Its effectiveness was the reason that I chose it to experiment with. And yet it was odorless, very easy to mix from powder and relatively safe.