Hi Chakra,

I won't go into the details of the rest of the discussion, but wanted to make two quick comments.

1) I made the A&T version, but only after I had decided to dissolve the p-Aminophenol in hydrochloric acid to be sure I had the hydrochloride version. The rest went well, and the developer worked exactly as it should. It seems laborious, but given the amount of developer it makes for fairly little trouble and money, it is well worth it.

2) I have since settled on parodinal, which works exactly the same and is a lot cheaper and easier to make still. The reason it is cheaper is because paracetamol is available in bulk quantity for next to nothing via pharma suppliers, while 4-aminophenol is usually special order as an AR grade lab chemical. If you haven't done parodinal before, I must urge you to give it a go and decide for yourself. For a very straightforward, foolproof method, look up my thread with the attached excel calculation sheet. If it fails you, I'll make you a 1 litre bottle and keep it for you until you visit South Africa. It will still be good 20 years from now.