Hi all,

First of all I want to thank Serdar very much for his great (and elegant) idea + the hard work he endured in testing and putting it all together. It's one of the best tricks I've ever been made aware of since a long time...

Few notes:
- Very little SA goes a long way, the capacity of a (say...) 3l bath is around 45 full 22x30" 140lb paper (by Serdar's definition within safety limits), therefore it's both cost effective and generates less waste. (Presumably more environment friendly???)
- IT WORKS FLAWLESSLY! To me, it's hands down the best acidification method I've ever tried. I've tried oxalic acid, citric acid and hydrochloric acid before; this one's the method that gave the best results.

Try it for yourself.

Thank you again Serdar,