I've become interested in trying my hand at anthotypes. I am hoping to try something that dyes/stains the paper with a deeper brown, blue, or black(ish) colour. I've tried making and using methanol extracts of strong tea, coffee, and tobacco with little success - the paper doesn't dye/stain dark enough for my liking with any of those, even with several coats. A red wine reduction is somewhat better, but yields a purplish colour that I don't find overly appealing.

On a whim I picked up a couple of packages of Colora Henna Powder at a local health food store. It is natural hair colouring containing henna, indigo, centaurea, rhubarb and/or beetroot (depending on the shade).

I've tried a couple of coats of their "Ash Brown" shade on paper - it sort of works, but the shade of brown on paper isn't as deep brown as I'd like. I've also tried their "Black" shade, which is in fact pure indigo (or pretty close to it - it's a very dark blue paste when it oxidizes). A couple of coats of the indigo is more what I'm looking for, but still isn't as deep or dark as I'd like.

I'm currently trying applications of mixes of the Ash Brown and Black shades (ex, 2 coats Black and 1 coat Ash Brown, and 2 coats Ash Brown and 1 coat Black).

Anyone else played with the Colora on paper?