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Dear Shalom,

Well you are lucky as we will be making 122 FORMAT roll film available in slittings ( in HP5+ only )
on a purely technical point we make 122 FORMAT as being 3 and 1/4 wide 82.55mm.

One of the delays in issuing the item list to be manufactured is that it has grown to be our biggest ever offering in the ULF run with 62 different items.

These ULF and custom item lists are obviously being shared and worked on with our distributors and re-seller partners at this time so as they have all the information, including pricing that you will need when you place your orders.

The actual date we plan to release all the information via our website ( and on APUG ) is Friday 10th May ( one week today ) at 5.00pm UK time.

And finally.... for the large number of people who have PM emmed I CAN CONFIRM 70mm HP5+ ( roll film base ) will be available in 50 foot lengths UNPERFORATED and DOUBLE REFORATED.....alongside some other surprises.

Simon ILFORD Photo / HARMAN technology Limited :
Thank you Simon!!!!!!!! This is fantastic news!!!!!