Back To The Beach, part 4... or is it 5?.

For those who have been before, the short and sweet:

June 22- all day. I supply a grill (charcoal), some beer, wine, seltzer and and some chicken, you bring whatever. Kids, any age, most welcome. Bring your best prints to show off, your cameras to use or just to set up and look at. (Last year I think we set up about 8 LF cameras that never got used during the all-day bull sessions. Gotta do something about that.) Directions are here and a copy is attached. It's a short drive off Rt 95. Arrangements can be made if folks want to take the train to New London. I'll pick you up and drive you back. If we go to Harkness Memorial Park, about 1 1/2 miles away, we'll carpool. Or bring bikes; it's a great place to area around.

For those who have not been but might like to:

We have a small, basic cottage near the beach in Waterford, CT, near New London. It has a large, tree-filled lawn, indoor plumbing and appliances, a deck, and is just a short stroll from a very nice, very kid-friendly beach. There are photographic venues all over the place and we usually meet for breakfast at this really great place nearby. After that, it's up to you to figure out what you want to do with the day. Some like to take the family down and dunk them in the salt water, some get very energetic about shooting pictures at the beach, the rocks, a local state park or in New London. Most just seem to mellow out for much of the day and talk. We usually set some time aside for looking at each other's work, shooting portraits of each other and the kids and drooling over somebody else's newest gear. There is often a give-away/trade table set up for "stuff"each one of us has or needs. One rule: If you bring it and nobody takes it, you take it home.... right Bill?

So, as of now? Breakfast at When Pigs Fly, 8 AM, June 22, 2013. If you can't make that, come later in the day. I suppose there is a theoretical limit to how many we can have at the cottage, but we haven't reached it yet, so let's try for that! Post questions and I'll reply, or PM me for any special travel arrangements. Sorry, the cottage is not an accessible place for anyone in a wheelchair.