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Minister of Culture (!?!), Jeez. After reading your relativistic responses, us Americanos are so foreign to the league of sensibility expressed in your neck of the woods, that it is almost suicidal to express any opinion. So off the cliff I go...

None of the first three come close to cutting it for me, and would likely, in these parts at least, put me in great physical danger from the sitter if published. As it seems unlikely to repeat the session, the fourth at least illustrates the process of the artist with the minister. I agree with (the laaame) desertratt.
What? Don't you have a Minister of Culture?

I don't understand your first sentences - the word "relativistic" is not excisting in my dictionary... So I'd like you to explain it (and your first sentence), please.

To be clear: I have NO idea how the final images will look - if really bad, then I'll spare her the pain of seeing them. In danger I'll never be. Not from her - not from anybody over here... (a laughing stock maybe..)

Thank you all for your comments - all the positive ones have made me even more uncertain, on which image to use - the negative ones have convinced me, I am on a right track... (maybe).

And just to be sure it is clear: the colour image is not (of course) made by me - if she is to get this, it is not my decision...