Hey all,
I'm looking to sell(or trade, straight across lens4lens) this lens to move down to a 180mm EBC(black shutter'd) Fujinon-A instead. I use(and love,love,love!) the 240A for 4x5 and 8x10(well, now 5x7 once I've got the camera in hand), and the 210mm FL is just too close to warrant keeping. My wide is a 90mm Nikkor-SW, so I'd like something "in the middle".

Condition I'd rate it as 8-8.2/10. Glass is pretty clean.
There are some miniscule marks on the outer surface of both f+r elements, but nothing that's impacted my use of this wonderful lens whatsoever!
Shutter runs well, no hangups. Sounds pretty accurate too, my negatives and chrome have always looked as I wanted them to look.

*LENSBOARD IS NOT INCLUDED IN A SALE/TRADE automatically, but it CAN be included for another $20*

Len comes w/ f+r caps + retaining ring.

$325 shipped in the USA
int'l please PM for extra cost(over US rates) of shipping/insurance via USPS Priority Mail
Payment via USPS Money Order, cash-in-the-mail, or Paypal if you cover the fee(or send as a gift)

a %age will be donated to APUG, as usual