I spent the day cleaning up, doing the first grass mowing, then repairing the tractor. Dolly, the Girls and I walked down to dolly’s mother’s house, about a half mile round trip. The trees were just coming into bloom. I wanted to mention that down the driveway may be some interesting shots for our guests. There is a large old barn that Dolly’s mother bought, tore apart with two day laborers, numbered each part and reassembled in the early 1970s. There are several out buildings that are falling apart and about 90 acres of walking about, should you be interested. The camp ground is dry with nice lush grass. Lets hope we don’t have two weeks of rain. We are looking forward to you all coming. The place will be as nice as we can make it. We hope you will come and enjoy.

Poor old Savannah, the oldest of our Girls, is now 13.5. Please be careful of her. She trips over herself, but will want to welcome or challenge each guest. A friendly hand and word will make all three happy. Do watch your step. This is a dog world. That is how the grass gets green and lush.


John, Dolly and the Girls