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A couple of years ago, I set a goal for myself - reduce my gear to two or three 4x5 cameras and a handful of lenses. I never quite achieved that goal but, I did get rid of most all of my excess and I do really only use three 4x5 cameras anymore (even though that leaves a few to collect dust.). I recently bought a nice 645 camera and it has replaced all small and medium format gear.

Here's the thing...before I slimmed down, I had too many choices...and it was often more than a little paralyzing.

It may seem counter intuitive but, having fewer gear choices really is liberating.
That's the beauty of the Rollei, to me... the only choice is to take it or not. Everything else is simplicity and it forces you to concentrate on taking the photo, not fiddling with formats or lenses. I feel like it has clarified a lot of my photography for me and made me a better photographer because it makes me think about each image. Don't get me wrong there is definitely a place for having choices. But I feel like now if I were told I had to give up all my cameras but one, I could be happier with that decision now.