Alexandre, the 85 f/2 Nikkor lens is designed as a portrait lens and is slightly soft. I had one for a short while before moving it along; this lens came out in the late seventies.

There is also an 85 f/1.8, which appeared in the sixties, it is contrasty and sharp, compared to the later 85 f/2. I havenít used this lens, but a friend has one bought new in the late sixties, lovely prints.

I have tried the AF 85 f/1.8 it was also soft, even looked soft through the viewfinder.

I have the 85 f/1.4 it is a brilliant lens, but should be used with its deep hood cover as this lens can suffer from flare reasonably easy; sharp, contrasty and a pure joy to use.

Along with my 105 f/2.8 these are my two favourite lenses.