Made one nice Nikomat FTn out of four beater FTn's. Also tested a couple FT2's that KEH said had dead meters - not so... Both had perfectly functioning meters. Passed one onto Ralph J., along with a Tamron 28/2.5 Adaptall-2. The other is currently in the shop to be refoamed. When it comes back, a roll of Ektar 100 will be loaded, and it will be tag teaming with my black FT2, which recently received a full overhaul, for that roll. I will be sending the FTn in for a meter recal, a refoam, and to have the shutter cocking mechanism cleaned and relubed. Sometimes is a bit sticky. In a month or two, I hope to send one of my F2AS bodies to the UK for a full Soverization. Once that camera's back, then the other goes in for the same thing. Want to have two F2AS bodies that function better than they did when they came out of their boxes.