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Steve Mc Curry is undoubtedly a great photographer, but offering such big prints from 35 mm seems pushing it a bit. Surely, the quality at such sizes must suffer terribly. I've done this with 6x7, but 35mm?. What do you think?
Your initial instincts are correct. I would hazard to guess that most of the better photographers on this forum would never make a 40"x60* enlargement from a 35mm negative unless it was some kind of special circumstance. There is a reason there is a Large format section of the forum and an Ultra Large Format section.

My question though is what makes you think he is making those types of enlargements from 35mm film? I am no expert but I thought he used a 24.5+ megapixel DSLR and a 39 megapixel Hasselblad. I'm sure he has plenty of 35mm film images from back in the day but I didn't see any indication that they are available for sale in that size. Is there a particular image in his gallery that you know for certain was taken on 35mm film and is for sale in that size? Like I said I am no expert so someone who is familiar with his work would have to point out the 35mm film images that are for sale.

From what I saw in his gallery I personally don't think his work would benefit from big grain. I'm not a huge fan of grain but it can certainly look good with B&W film.