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hi everybody

I went to the image show in Toronto last week and found a box of glass plates.

The box is sealed the date is apr77 , it's tri-x panchromatic [ 5x7 ].

I don't know how it was stored . Would it still be any good ,I would love to

Try it. Any tips or hints on exp and dev . Any info would be great.

thanks al.b

nice find !
in the 1980s/1990s a box of tmx(400) 4x5 plates cost about 400$USD
you made quite a find!
they are probably still good, just do a test exposure at about asa200
and process in a strong developer .. if you have dektol i'd try that 1:7 for about 7-8mins

the only problem is you need PLATE holders
sometimes they are easy to find sometimes hard to find
and to process you willneed either a tray to process them 1 at a time
or a film/plate hanger and tanks ...

not too many bumps in the road though ...
have fun!