I am new to your forum. I have not truly posted yet because I am writing and putting together a research paper for this forum, as part of my first post and coming aboard arrival.

Yet I have run into a small problem and I require some assistance after weeks and months of research. I need and require the formulas for Crawley's/Paterson's FX-26 Universal developer and Johnsons of Hendon Universol Developer.

If anyone can assist me, it would aid me in completing this research paper by Mothers Day, May 12, 2013. And I will post it online in both .doc and pdf formats. Allowing others to add, edit, and post their own information to it. It is truly a remarkable research paper. I just require a little amount of assistance.

I truly believe that somewhere out there, some one has the information that I desire, and can add their valuable infor to the research paper. It is my belief that once this research paper is posted. Hundreds of thousands of people will download it, add to it, and keep it growing, until it will develop into one of the most sought after pieces of document the world have ever known. And all of you, can be a part of it.

Thank You