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maybe this is true for polaroid, but it isn't for fuji fp-100c. I just recently heard about deepfreezing this fuji film and I have done a test: there is no problem in freezing it. I put it into a box (tupperware type), cooled it down in the fridge for 2 days and put it into the deepfreezer for a week. then back to the fridge for another 2 days and back to room temperature for a day. perfect results, nothing changed. I'm a member of a french forum. if you can read french, it's here: http://www.polaroid-passion.com/foru...ic.php?t=17430 . there was another member of the forum who did it the brutal way: from room temperature to the deepfreezer and back to the room, same results. at the moment another member is deepfreezing fp-3000b for a month. we will have the results within the next 2 weeks.
Great to hear, I have several boxes of Fuji 4x5 that are getting old.

Thanks for sharing,