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http://stevemccurry.com/fine-art-prints In his current PDF catalog available on that page (where he shows to offer 40x60 prints) the Women Gathering Clover photo is available, that was shot 1997.


While not absolutely definitive, it seems the probability is truly very high that that was shot on 35mm Kodachrome.
I checked out the guy's catalog and he does market some Kodachrome images. I would have to imagine though the people that buy those 40"x60" images know what they are getting. They are fine art prints signed by the artist and come with a letter of authenticity... Which leads me to believe $$$. I can't believe outside of wealthy individuals or large organizations there is much demand for that type of 40"x60" print. I personally don't own anything that size and I can't imagine ever printing my work at that size. I don't see a lot of chatter on this website about printing at that size let alone with 35mm film. I'm certainly aware that people make billboards from 35mm film but that was one of those "special circumstances" that I referred to. What I said about most of the better photographers on this website is in my opinion true. If you did a survey of the forum membership and asked them whether ANY of their work had been printed at 40"x60" for anything other than advertising or some other special circumstance I can't imagine a majority of the people would say yes. And in the billion "how much can I enlarge x size negative" threads I don't think the balance of opinions contradicts anything I've said. When trying to figure out what formats to settle on I read a lot of those threads.