Noble you are making lots of assumptions without the facts, you have no idea what the rest of the forum thinks or if there is a majority on your side.

The local to me photo gallery supports itself on selling work by the "well knowns" like McCurry, HCB..., regardless of what is shown up front. The grand majority of their revenue comes from new homeowners or those who have just remodeled filling their walls, not necessarily rich people, just comfortable. Empty nesters, retired, etc...

Seriously, if you spend 50k on a remodel to repair all the wear and tear of 20+ years of kids in the house, and 10-20k on new furnishings now that the kids are gone and dogs are old enough not to ruin everything, what's another 2-4k for a 2-4 truly iconic big photos to enjoy and impress your buddies.

I'm not to the point of printing that large yet but I have printed at that magnification from 35mm and it can provide some really interesting characteristics. What is special about that to me is that those characteristics are available to me whenever I please. Those characteristics aren't faults or defects, they are just characteristics. They aren't intrinsically good or bad, they just are.

What I can say with confidence is that your definition of good work and mine are different. Heck my definition/expectations of good can change in the blink of an eye.