I measure the holder openings to be 1/4 plate or 3-1/4X4-1/4. The holders have excellent felt and are made for plate and supplied with film sheaths. 3 is plenty for how I will use this jewel.

My unexposed 1967 3x4 Tri-X Film pack fit the supplied film pack holder.

This thing is gorgeous and complete!

It is beyond museum quality.

I truly love this camera and it is like a cousin to my Prewar Linhof Technika Standard 5X7. Same type body. Exquisite construction. I will shoot it.

Thank you so much!

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if you look at the image showing the owners manual (white thing that says Ideal Cameras) you can see a list of sizes and where the original owner of the camera has underlined, in pencil, 6.5 by 9 -- so that's what this one is. He had the film processed at a store in Salt Lake City that no longer exists. Also included is an envelope full of the film pack tabs that the guy got back from one roll/pack of film he shot in the camera.

Sure wish I had some of the negatives he shot.