The High Museum recently acquired a 68x50 Silver print by Salgado which I saw last week and it is magnificent. Grainy as hell, but beautiful. I think the "Fine Print" aesthetic is pushed primarily by people who don't really have much to say in photography.

As for quality, McCurry's prints are digital prints and not optical. From his Hasselblad page:

Over the years, I’ve shot most of my film images with Kodachrome. My studio has used the Hasselblad Flextight 848 scanner to scan and backup my 800,000 transparencies. After the images are scanned, we archive them and post them to our online database.
Only a masochist would try and make a 40x60 optical print from a slide, and the results would always be inferior to a drum scan with digital output, no matter how skilled the technician.