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I also was thinking that those rollers look rather cruddy. You might want to try a little bit of rubbing alcohol (or lighter fluid) on a cloth to clean them. Maybe it picked up a tiny piece of debris, which is causing the scratch.
Yes the one on the left in particular is embarrassingly cruddy, however I'm not the guy with the problem! As another Bronica owner I've just been speculating on possible causes. That back has been sitting on a shelf unused for several years when it obviously should have been enclosed somewhere, there's a bunch of dust on the exterior. I agree some sort of swab and alcohol or naptha ought to do it.

I posted the shot as it appeared there might be some confusion about what rollers I was talking about in my first response. There are two much larger ones that are part of the insert which the film reverse bends over to stretch out over the pressure plate. Those only contact the backing paper (unless you're shooting 220, a less and less likely scenario).

We can hope that over the next decade APUG can become a treasure trove of info for dealing with the quirks of some of these cameras.