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I don't shoot much color anymore, shoot black and white at a ratio of 20/1 but I want Kodak color to stick around in order for those who really want to use it to be able to....see the pattern there? It's not really cool to say you don't care about a film that some of us depend on to earn a living, next time just leave that opinion out, ok?

Portra should be fine for several years as like other Kodak still films, it is riding on the coat tails of the making of motion picture stock which Kodak is under contract to produce through 2015. If that is not good enough for you, I suggest you be responsible to your needs and stock up like many of us do.

As for the new speculation on this thread, I bet it is time for Colleen to weigh in again as thoughts seem to have drifted instead of being patient to wait for the next *Official* statement from Kodak in regards to this latest development.
If Kodak stops making B/W film, you can switch to Ilford film. If Kodak stops making color film, that's the end of the road. There's nowhere else to go. Obviously I care about Kodak's film production, no matter what the film in question is, but I'm not particularly concerned about what they do with B/W film. Ilford is committed to making their film and is in sound financial condition. As no one else makes C41 film right now, Kodak's color film production is of far greater concern to me. If Fujifilm was still making their 400h film and was committed to it, I wouldn't be as concerned as I am. I'm not really into the particulars of a given film, since they're all great. It's just a matter of having one to use.

I can't really afford to stock up, and certainly not with much at a time. I'm a student, not someone with a lot of money to invest in film. Even if I could stock up, it would be good enough for perhaps one body of work and that's all.