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Note that she's with Kodak's third party ministry of propaganda (PR firm). This is spin control, not meaningful dialogue with someone from Kodak. They've outsource it.
I just came across this today, and want to comment.

Yes, Colleen is PR. She states that clearly, and we all know that PR people have limitations in what they can say. She came on APUG and other photo forums after Kodak announced last year that they were selling the film business. Kodak's announcement was not well crafted, and created much confusion. She caught a lot of flack here for being a PR person, though she made it clear that her role was to communicate official word- to add clarity in a time in which confusion, rumor and speculation were rampant. She told us what was going on at the time, while cautioning that as she was with a PR firm, she was not privy to all the latest information from corporate. She was very direct and straightforward. Most of us were glad to have her here, as silence was all that had been coming from Kodak.
She obviously is providing the "official word", and never obscured that fact. But she did not come here and to other photo forums to pass out peppy press releases, and she has not done that. She is not dispensing pabulum. She is PR, but she is not a PR hack. If nothing else, she deserves a respectful listen.

Colleen is well respected by people in the business. I want to quote Roger Hicks, a member here and elsewhere, who has published numerous photo books over the past 3 decades and is well known and well respected. This is what he said August 23, 2012 in Rangefinder Forum regarding Colleen after she went on there to explain what was going on:

"Colleen has yet to tell me anything that's not true, and I've known her for a fair few years. This is REALLY good inside information."


In my opinion, if Roger Hicks says it, you can bank it.