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During last few years I got one simple but very true thing - in photography result directly depends on photographer's skills, experience and creativity, and only a little bit on equipment used. Yes, Lubitel (mean "amateur" in russian) is simple and low quality camera. Of couse "better" TLRs are more easy to handle, have more features and better build quality etc. But if you know and understand what you are doing Lubitel may give you very good results.

Here are two links to galleries with pictures from 2 very first 120 rolls I did in my life - Gallery 1 - (click here) and Gallery 2 - (click here). I understand that they aren't that great from "artistic" point of view, but from "technique" side I do not see any issues there. They are good enough medium format pictures so the most people will never ever guess that pics were taken with Lubilel if they will not be told so.

Of course it is possible to get pictures from a Lubitel, after all it is supposed to be a camera. And to paraphrase you, if you know and understand what you are doing, any camera may give you very good results. My question is: why limit yourself with a low quality camera? There is plenty of used TLR to buy for a reasonable cost (Yash A, some 'Cord and Ikoflex, Ricohflex, etc...) which IMO offer much more and are more user friendly.

I won't comment about your picture (even if I see some vignetting and uneven zones coming maybe from flare or light leak - BTW your first link does not work) as small picture from the internet is not a valid way to assess their technical value. Come with 16in x 16in prints and I am pretty you will change your mind.

Don't get me wrong: I enjoy using some Soviet cameras (FED and Zorki 1, FED 3) because they can be the equivalent of western cameras. Sorry but the Lubitel is not in the same league.

Take care.