Yes..., that is a true statement. But I do need something to start with. I deeply feel and believe that someone knows or have those formulas that I seek.

I sit here and I think back to 1999, remembering the times as we moved closer towards Y2K, hoping for change towards a better world. And all I got was September 11, 2001.

What I have learned from that time is that only we the "people" can make that better world. One thing at a time, one improvement a day or week, or month.

We as humans, left so much of our knowledge behind, from the last century. Not mention the other centuries before that. We go through life thinking the other guy will take care of it.

Well, I am that other guy. I am tired of leaving our hard earn knowledge behind, allowing it to go waste. I am tired of saying "do you remember when", " do you remember that or this". We need a place to go to, to replenish our knowledge, thoughts, and dreams.

No one on this planet owns anything. We are all borrowers. Because when God calls for our attention. We must go. And all those things we claim to own. Does not leave with us. We own only one thing. Our knowledge. Because when we pass, that is the only thing that we take with us. Our souls.

I want to leave things behind for those that come after us. So that they see and draw knowledge from the past and maybe incorporate it for use in their future.

We as a people, can not allow this information to die. For I remember the great and powerful automotive companies of the past, Tucker, Rambler, Hudson, Packard, Oldsmobile, Plymouth, Saturn, Pontiac. All their technical knowledge is nearly lost. Only a select few has access to it. But when they die, then what.

Will their heirs safe guard it or merely trash it, as so many others have done.

Yes, I am a romantic, but I want the stream of knowledge to flow to the masses..., forever.

So I say to you all..., stop the B.S., get me the information; so that I can share it with the world.

It is out there. Please release it.