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Ha, I just thought I was going to print tonight. Going to a friends house instead so that's out.
That's sort of an "odd" coincidence. Same thing happened to me last night... thought I was going to print but my wife and daughter wanted to go out to dinner. Maybe tonight! I've been consumed with pinhole photos recently but it's time to make some more "normal" prints. I'm so slow at printing that it's important for me not to get too far behind.

I've developed a bunch of odd habits in the DR. I'm sure some of them are not "the best way" but they have become routine and that makes them useful. Like my eyes always go to the paper boxes before I open the door or turn on the light. My system of keeping track of how much paper has gone through the current batch of fixer would probably be undecipherable to anyone else, but it works and now it's habit. Some might be bad habits though... I don't let my test strips "dry down" and try to guess about that part and sometimes I miss.

I wonder if your base exposure is an even number, if it might be easier/quicker to think about D&B in terms of stops?