PE and Stephen,

I wouldn't mind seeing a course co-ordinated between you two!

Maybe I'm taking the things said on this site too personally. Or maybe I'm just sensitive to heretical comments about Zone System tradition because I want to teach an overview of the different approaches to the Zone System. If the whole idea is proved invalid, then I fear my book will be brief and won't sell many copies.

I went back to the first post of this thread Stephen, and the thought occurred to me - I was being bull-headed about holding onto the Ansel/Archer Zones on the meter. So I couldn't see how you could implement your other ideas such as Munsell.

But there is no reason Zones have to be evenly spaced on the light meter! Let go the "one stop" spacing on the meter and you can explore all your examples!

Say for example, you wanted to explore the Munsell model. Tone Reproduction tracings could be used to work backwards to light meter readings that lead to Munsell spacing on the print.

Then, exploring a scene with a light meter so calibrated, you could interpret the scene according to Munsell.

Now.. back to choosing a typeface for the book. I'm thinking something transitional...