The stream of postcards seems to have stopped for this round. I've received cards from 27 lovely people:

A dark & moody piece, perhaps a transit base, from Pfiltz
A philosophical piece, from Black Dog
Three thoughtful prints from Mike Wilde
“Streamside Detail 4” but it has become separated from the envelope so I don't know from whom it is, sorry!
Termite Mounds from Oxleyroad
“Bustling or empty – 12 -crossing” from Kraker
Sunshine Skyway bridge from Jimo
Drew, from Ozphoto
Call a Pizza, from Mardan (Da Vinci's in Elkhart, IN USA has the best pizza I know of, anywhere. And I know pizza! )
The clever folding rainy day window, from Delphine
Beignets for Breakfast, from ChristopherCoy
Pineapple, from Horacekenneth
Cairn, Macugnaga, Italy from drpsilver
Cross at Daybreak, from ??? (Postmarked Asheville, NC) which interestingly arrived on the Friday before Easter
Rock'n in Austin from trsvax
Down by the Jetty, by Boxbrownie
Old Church by hankins27
Shadows on Snow from George Nova Scotia
At the End of the Dock from MattKing
North Carolina Pier, from treddy
Fleeting Moment, from rince
Wat Remains, from mooseontheloose
A photograph of stone in raking light, from warejn
A Couple Ducks, from Jim17x
Honest, Officer from anikin
Cypress Tree in Pedernales State Park from pipoca
Old Inn in Dobilz from piu58

Thank you very much for sending me such wonderful things!