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Hey guys, before you throw out different lighting systems, perhaps we should find out what kind of budget the OP is looking for?

There's a huge difference between the cheepy Speedos (Speedotron) and the professional Broncolor gear, and the top of the line Profoto gear. Both in functionality, light quality, and of course PRICE.

So, what's your budget? Personally I'm stubborn and only go for the best stuff if possible (So I use Profoto only) but Broncolor are really nice if you can fit it in your budget.

I really don't like monolights, they aren't upgradeable unlike other systems with a pack so when you upgrade your gear you can still use the old heads with the new gear.

So OP what's your budget?
I agree with you about monolights although I have never used them. They are expensive and need expensive light stands to hold all the weight of the monolights. With a power block you just plug your lights into it and the block into an electrical receptacle. With monolights you have to plug each monolight into a receptacle and if you are using 3 or 4 lights it can be difficult in someone's house unless of course you bring an extension cord with enough places to plug in all your lights.

I recommended Novatrons because you can pick up a used 3 light set for less than $500.00 with case, stands and umbrellas. If you are patient you may even get a set for below $400.00. Now that's cheap! The umbrellas are nice because they both reflect or you can shoot through them. I like umbrellas because they are a lot more compact for shooting in some one's living room than big soft boxes.

I am an amateur and just do this for fun so I have to keep my budget low.