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You said "execs", which had me thinking more of department heads up to vice presidents and such, than of CEO's. Mine was a sincere question, as I figured that Kodak would have developed managerial talent where they saw it, as many companies did. I figured in a company as old and established as Kodak, there would have been a fair number of management types who knew the business from the bottom up.

Before Fischer, there were a lot of promotions from within, but as Fred said, there were often few scientiists and engineers promoted outside of KRL. Most were bean counters. With Fischer, we saw an influx of outsiders that sped up with Perez.

And so, top people often were those who knew little about the actual work going on under their supervision and the number of those doing pure management all the way up the ladder increased. Many managers knew the photo industry well, but did not know the manufacture of their own products. Some few were the reverse.

Carl Kohrt, VP and manage of KRL became CTO but instead of making him President, they selected Dan Carp, COO who was the bean counter of the two. IMHO, Kohrt would have been a far better choice given the decisions and directions taken by Carp.