After using s 28mm PC lens on my Nikons for many years doing arch. phot. in the '80s and '90s, I found that when I left that world, my go to lens when shooting 35mm (for myself) was still that PC lens.

Not always just to deal with the up-tilt issue, sometimes to exaggerate too, more often just for the angle of view. The fact is was a preset lens did not get in my way most of the time and I hand holding it wasn't an issue either. I took many trips with just that lens, the 25-50 zoom and the 105 for "details". I seldom shoot 35mm anymore but that's still my go to kit. (I'm partial the the F3, but have a wonderful F2, a seldom used F5, and a beater F just in case I need to shoot small and light.)

Back in the day I rented the 75mm shift for the Pentax 67 but the main kit was the Nikon and PC lens and a 4x5 with the 90mm Super Angulon - small for 35mm transparencies and large for colour negs. (local clients wanted prints, not transparencies).

These days, I miss a PC lens for my Hasselblad but have learned to "shoot around that" and have the 4x5 for times when movements are required. (and a different head-space to go with it...)