This past winter, I shot a variety of simple landscapes. I do not have a spot meter, so I was relying upon my nikon fe2 meter to tell me what a proper exposure was. Because ALL of these photos were taken during heavy snowfall, I wanted to make sure I gave the negative enough exposure as to render the snow white, so I opened up two stops (actually one stop and cut the film speed in half). Having just gotten back my negatives, it appears this may have been a bad idea. The majority of the negatives are so dense, that they may be washed out. I'm not sure what to do!??? Interestingly, the two rolls I shot without messing around with cutting the film speed in half/ect, rendered some rather nice negatives. I know many advocate exposing to the right, which is precisely what i did. Will I be able to print down properly?

I'm going into the darkroom later this week.