As I get closer toward actually making prints in my little closet RA-4 darkroom, I must say that soaking up the collective wisdom of this forum has made what I anticipate to be a smooth launch successful. Clearly there are some master printers here and I want you all to know that your generosity in sharing you knowledge is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

On a lighter note, while I wait for a proper D-5 lens board I couldn't resist hacking one out of cardboard just to play. I mounted it to the enlarger, placed a negative into the carrier, got in the dark and tried it out. "Damn, this is pretty dim," sez I. But it has been at least 25 years since I was in a darkroom and let's just say that my eyes aren't the only thing that have gone downhill in that time. But it was really dim. "Oh God, I should have bought a film scanner," as I retired to my TV/computer chair in the light. "Damn, that was the D-B mixing chamber, too"...........mixing chamber. Yep there it was sitting on the shelf instead of in the enlarger head. What a long strange trip it is going to be.