I have a nice little starter collection for someone who wants to set up their own darkroom. It includes a Beseler 45 condenser enlarger, various trays, a couple of smallish easels, and some boxes of odds and ends. I am in Saint Paul and this is for pickup only. Make me an offer of how much you would like to donate to APUG and it is yours. The only catch is you have to take it all, no cherry picking.

IM me if you are interested and we can make arrangements. I have never actually used this enlarger, so I cannot vouch to it functionality, but their ain't much to go wrong with one of these other than a bulb replacement, so you should be able to get it up and running.

I got this about four years ago with the intention of setting up a darkroom in my basement, but that has proven too much for me to manage.

Paul Sorensen