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My school, Alfred University in Western NY state, has a class exclusively dedicated to alternative process. Students learn Cyanotype, VDB, Pt/Pd, Kallitype, Gum-Bichromate, as well as the use of liquid emulsions like Liquid Light and Black Magic. Most students choose to use a digital original, or scan 35mm/medium format film and then output a larger neg from our Agfa Imagesetter, but a select few (myself included, when I took the class last year) do contact their own 4x5 negs.

I'm graduating from the BFA program there in 2 weeks, with my BFA exhibit 6 days from now! I'm about to head to the darkrooms to keep working on

30x30" b/w prints...
University of Arkansas in Fayetteville is much the same. I am taking the class in the fall. I am a senior BFA student with over a year left.