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*apologies for resurrecting an old thread*

Hey folks, I'm not very familiar with medium format gear. In the photo of the girl with the glasses I'm having trouble understanding the focal point. It's her eyes, sure, but then her shoulder is out of focus yet her lower sweater remains focused. How does that work?
Her eyes are essentially the same distance from the camera as the lower part of her sweater.

Her shoulder is farther from the camera, so it is out of focus.

The only role played by the film format is that medium or large format will have less inherent depth of field then 35mm or smaller formats, because the lenses used for the larger formats need to have longer focal lengths to achieve the same field of view from the same camera position.

EDIT: oops, as polyglot mentioned ahead of me, as these are 4x5 portraits there may also be some camera movements involved