Well I'm beginning to play with color film.

I had a bunch in my fridge but I hardly touch them but I decided to give them a try last weekend:

Fuji Provia 100f in 120 (underexposed 1 - 1/2 stops)

Untitled by Michael_Sergio_Barnes, on Flickr

Fuji Velvia 50 in 120

color14017 by Michael_Sergio_Barnes, on Flickr

Fuji Provia 100f in 35mm

color34059 by Michael_Sergio_Barnes, on Flickr

Now I quite like the colors that I am getting and my favorite is in the first one (Provia underexposed).

So I might want to try some more slide film (not many choices) and get more familiar with the properties. The first shot was an accident--I was trying to get better shutter speeds and so I erred on the side of underexposure. I'm guessing it was one stop at most but I don't meter too meticulously.

1. Is this color shift (it seems more blue) a unique property of Provia? I didn't get this look at all with underexposed velvia and my properly exposed Provia looks more similar to Velvia.

2. Well I'd probably keep 100f Provia standard but I might experiment around a bit so i'm curious, what would I expect out of Provia 400 and Velvia 100? Does Provia 400 provide just as beautiful colors but with less grain? I have observed that slower emulsions in b&w seem to be higher contrast so would I expect Provia 400 to be less rich in color than Provia 100? Likewise, what is the need for Velvia 100? Is it more saturated than Provia but less saturated than Velvia 50?