I mixed up something based off of the EZ-Rodinal formula a year or so ago because I had the chemicals and I thought I would give it a go. I remember having to add more Sodium Hydroxide to get everything to dissolve, but I was using drain cleaner so I figured it wasn't really pure (although it said on the label it was). I added Benzotriazole to it as well. It has been working great all this time. I have been using Rodinal for two decades at this point. I can't tell the difference. The last bottle of Rodinal I had before this one (A&O I think) ended up having a ton of crystals in the bottom. I mean a lot! I ended up throwing it out.

I also put sea salt (no Iodine) in Rodinal at times to kill some of the graininess with some films. It works fine. I think I use 30g/liter IIRC. It seems to lose some speed though which makes sense. From what I remember reading the salt acts on the exposed silver somehow to limit infectious development giving the finer grain. Some of the old fine grain formulas used salt. Maybe someone will chime in that knows more about it.

Anyway I just wanted to relate my experience with it and give it the thumbs up.