I find that my shots with 35mm have a totally different "look" than MF. Or, I get shots w/ 35mm that are impossible to get w/ a larger, slower camera. Maybe it would be different if I had a fast MF camera w/ AF and AE, but since I prefer the look of older German glass that isn't going to happen. My Leica R 90 lens gives me IQ that is at least as good as MF, probably better in many instances. The extra reach, and small size of the Nikon camera that it's on, means you get shots that would not be possible w/ a Rolleicord or MF folder. Of course, 6x6 negs are a lot easier to work with in a darkroom, and you can get far bigger enlargements. That's probably the priority of MF vs 35mm. How big are you going to enlarge your photos, and does grain bother you in those enlargements?