Hello Stan,

First of all, I am so glad to hear that you have good results. Please share your thoughts if you test other papers. The list of papers and processes will start to grow I guess.

And was it pop PD or DOP pt/pd? I am curious to know with which processes SA treated papers work fine. Up to now, it is new cyanotype, argyrotype and ziatype that I am aware of.

I gather it was FATW hot pressed 200gsm, i dislike the parallel lines on the front side too, it is too regular (lacks identity IMO). I also prefer the back side of this paper it has a subtle texture and it does not overwhelm the image. 200gsm TW HP was slightly easier actually compared to FA 300gsm SP EW. It was the hardest surface, I have tested. It is problematic to work in arid conditions with that paper. I worked in %50-60RH environment, even under that conditions FAEW SP required too much ilfotol with argyrotype but it might be also related to the nature of the process. But compared to Canson Montval both FA papers definitely have harder surfaces.

But I agree after acid treatment and wash, it was easier to have a uniform coating with FA papers. I used DaVinci brushes when testing so I think I can relate to your experience with the Richeson.

Did the SA treated paper cleared easier or was there no difference?

And thank you for the good news.