I am a returner to film and have a Mamiya 645 Super but have learnt through a very steep learning curve that there were many variants of accessory and cannot find a definitive source to check things out.

These two sources are both deficient e.g. they don't agree about the lenses produced and there are omissions. http://camera-wiki.org/wiki/Mamiya_M645 and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of...l_focus_series

I will illustrate two problems :-
Camera strap - the lugs on the Super, Pro and Pro TL are not the same as the M645 original series. It is possible to get after market straps for the M645 but not the Super, Pro etc

Left hand grip - it would appear that there were a number of models but those marketed as for the super ought to come with an adapter which clips to the side/flash socket and will therefore trigger the shutter. Many second hand models do not have this BUT because for some of these you could get an adapter to upgrade it to a Pro, Pro TL. You often find the latter for sale (RA 401) BUT what was the designation of the original super adapter? There is no model marking on either of these and they can only be distinguished by the shape of the moulding (flat for Super, curved for Pro) and the Super has a cable release socket. The Pros have a different cable release socket available!

So where is the definitive source for this sort of info?


P.S> I have quite a collection of wrong parts now!