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Disagree. Changing the lens mount and making ALL the old lens obsolete vs. Nikon, some lens/bodies loose some functions however, still can make images.

Example, I use ALL my old Nikon lens with my D70s, even though I manually adjust the settings. Nikon was more thoughtful regarding the investment their customers made in the Nikon line.
Depends on your perspective. Canon apparently felt their hands were tied in trying to make the old FD lens mount work with the new technology. Their decision to drop FD angered a lot of people (myself included; I had just purchased a new T90 as my first camera) but the resulting EOS design became the market leader.

Ultimately, corporations are in the business of making money. Canon's business decision has worked out for them, and for their customers. Nikon's business decision has led to a lot of forum postings questioning the compatibility of various gear. For my own part, I'm a bit wary of buying Nikon gear because I'm never sure what works with what, and in which modes, nor do I understand why or why not. So I stuck to AF-D lenses for my F4, and if I ever get that F6 I'm dreaming of I'll be limiting myself to G-series lenses.