This does not surprise me in the least. kodak has been steadily eliminating products for several years. I imagine that within the next year we will be reading about Kodak leaving the B&W film and chemistry business.

Whenever I bring this up people argue that they just spent millions building a new fiilm coating facility. In the over all scheme of US business practices those millions are simply a one time right off against revenues. Stock holders only see the gains from laying off workers and shuttering facilities.

I still hold out hope that we will see TriX and ane maybe Tmax produced overseas, perhaps in China under a licensing agreement with Kodak. Yes the quality will probably suffer, but what does Kodak care? There name will not be on it but they will get a small percentage of the profits.

Last year I bought equivalent of 10 gallons of HC110 concentrate. It is still a favorite for ULF film and that should last me forever. That is about the only chemistry they have that I cannot duplicate from scratch.

Michael Smith has mentioned the possibility of someone else stepping in and making a Chloride contact paper. Hopefully this comes to fruition. I would be willing to place substantial order for such a paper to demonstrate commitment to the new mfg.

If that does not happen I will purchase a freezer and start to buy AZO in quantitiy.

Otherwise it is simply live and adapt with what is left. As i have said before, when this all shakes out there will be 3 or 4 choices of paper and perhaps the same number of film emulsions to choose from before niche mfgs began to re-introduce older offerings.