I've seen Eddie's photos in the gallery and they are more interesting than mine. I originally intended on hand coloring the images from my Holga, but Eddie beat me to it.

I didn't know they made a 6x12 with a lens. I have the WPC, which I bought on a whim a few years ago but just recently started to use, and had to make some modifications to be able to use it the way I wanted. The front area around the pinhole needed to be expanded to get rid of mechanical vignetting. I also filed down the front lip in order to epoxy a 77mm filter ring. The filter needs to be clean if you do this. Any little imperfection, dust, water drop will show up in the photo. I flocked the inside of the film chamber, but ended up taking out the flocking on the long side since it vignetted the image. The short sides are still flocked. I had to epoxy the tripod plate on mine as well since it separated. Finally I had to modify a cable release to fit. All the cable releases I had were too thick next to the nipple to be able to screw far enough in without it falling out. Every modification I made to it was a result of shooting a roll of film and finding a problem. Lots of wasted film. It has been a long road to do something that I thought would be simple! The last mod I need to do is add a shoe so I can use a real level on it. The bubble level on mine is useless which more often than not makes the negs useless. All of this to make images that are low to the ground in wet (waves) conditions. The camera now works really well for what I intended. It has been soaked 5 or 6 times already by waves (salt water). I wouldn't want to subject a real camera to that!