I printed the Ilford dials on glossy paper, sprayed the printed surface with clear adhesive and attached them to clear acrylic (very thin) sheet that I pre-cut to match the dials. Use a hole punch if possible and connect all with stainless steel bolt/ washers and non-slip nut (with nylon interior). I take either an incident or spot meter reading as the subject calls for. Then use the dials as per their instructions. I have found the readings to be very accurate. I use Delta 100 and HP5 and so far my shortest exposure has been two seconds with most in the thirty second -
eight minutes. With longer exposures being off a few seconds probably doesn't make a noticeable difference. I'm using PMK Pyro developer and have printed in silver gelatin, pt/pd and scanned and printed digitally as well. The results have been great and pinhole shooting has been a fun experience. I posted my int'l pinhole day submission on their website and on the APUG one also. I'm on my laptop and don't have them on this computer.