I've never seen a Lubitel, much less used one. If it's like the Russian cameras I've owned, and there have been plenty, it is probably cheaply made, poorly manufactured, but has a killer lens. That alone should be worth the tiny price they go for. Weren't they modeled on the old Voigtlander Focusing Brillants? I have one of those. The camera, while mostly bakelite, is a Voigtlander, so it's well made. The focus "patch" stinks. Mine has a Heliar lens though, and the negs from it look better than the ones from the Rolleiflex w/ Planer I once owned, so I put up w/ the focus patch. I've replaced the mirror on mine, and see no reason why a regular focus screen couldn't be put in there, so that should be possible on the Lubitels as well. One could make a case for getting a Brillant TLR, focusing model or not, w/ a Skopar or Heliar lens and be done w/ the whole image quality question, but I still would like to try a Lubitel some day. The Novar and Triotar are 3 element lenses too, and mine are superb stopped down a bit.